We can provide you with a complete transformation for your furniture from the old, tired item becoming vibrant and new, with the very latest fabrics and designs from the most prestigious suppliers in the UK. Seeing this process is enough to convince anyone of the merits of having their existing furniture re-upholstered.
But there are more surprises in store. After your free, no-obligation consultation with Acorn, having witnessed the high level of professionalism from this remarkable company and its skilled craftsmen, there can only be one conclusion to make. The next time you want to re-upholster your furniture, there is only one company to approach - Acorn Upholstery.
We are able to supply a wide selection of fabrics and sundries as a part of our service.
Why Re-Upholstery?
As a general rule, re-covering a suite costs as much as buying a cheap new one, but nothing like as much as buying a good new one. Furthermore, with re-covering you will have a far greater choice of materials than when buying most new suites - and we will advise you regarding the comparative merits of the different fabrics, which is more than most companies do.
Upholstery Tips For You:
1. When considering re-upholstery, always try to include replacement foams and cushions in your budget. This will greatly enhance a tired piece of furniture, transforming the appearance as well as adding to the comfort.
2. Regularly turn cushions where possible. This helps to give even wear on both sides.
3. Don't leave repairs too late. A simple spring problem, if left, can eventally split the main frame, causing considerable damage and turn a cheap and simple repair into an unnecessarily long and costly one.
Why Acorn For Re-Upholstery?
Our re-upholstery service is second to none. Nothing leaves our upholstery shop that is not perfect in every way.
+++In addition to re-upholstery for furniture, we provide a curtain and loose cover service+++